How to have a beautiful day?

Are you the one who thinks that their days are not beautiful. Don’t worry, by the end of this blog you will get your broken peices but it’s you will have to keep them in place. I am sure you will do that. So, let’s get into it. Tips to have a beautiful day | Plans | Smile | Feel grateful -Motivation forbetter life

Avoid being a night owl.

Yes. You need to sleep early to have a fresh morning the next day. If you sleep late, your body automatically feels low the next morning you wake up. You will feel slow and down. It might be tough for few of us to sleep early but trust me, that’s the basic point of having a beautiful day. Imagine yourself waking up in the morning and feeling all fresh and ready for the day. Bring in a smile. It feels beautiful and good. Right? Give it a trial if you are a night owl. I too was a night owl once, but I have learned over time, the time we don’t sleep at night is the time wasted.

Read good books.

Feel grateful

Reading good books is a life savior. You can read any book of your favorite writer. There are plenty of options available in shops or online. You need those books to make you aware that you have your life put together, to make you focussed and you are your own boss. Beautiful and charming. You know exactly what’s the right thing for you. Feel grateful.

Listen to your favorite motivational speakers or read your favorite writers article.

If you are a good listener, prefer listening your favorite motivational and inspirational speakers and if you’re a good reader, read articles of your favorite writers. It will boost your confidence and you will feel better. You will feel your aura you will feel beautiful. Even I do this, when I feel I am lacking that spark in me. We are humans, and it’s okay to actually not be okay but you need to get that on track.

Throw out negativity from your life.

This is like the best thing ever. Cutting and throwing the negativity out of your life is the best decision a person can make to make his/her beautiful. Negative people actually never want anything good for you,so keeping them in your life eventually starts affecting you, your career, your passion, everything. It’s always better to get rid of those trash. Bring a smile and feel grateful.

Plan your days.


Make a daily schedule. Plan your next day at night. You can plan it on a daily planner, monthly planner or simply make a dairy of your plans. But I insist you to do this because this is something which will help you be in peace. You can tick the items you succeed in doing and keep the rest for the other time. This will also make you feel happy.

Take a break from your daily routine

Take a break as it becomes monotonous to be in the same routine every day. You ain’t a robot man, you need a cheat day too. You need that cheat day to actually do what you enjoy doing. To feel relaxed, comfortable and beautiful. Feel grateful.


Stand in front of the mirror and smile. Dosen’t matter if you have those perfect eyes, lips, nose ,jawline,etc. Trust me, that doesn’t have anything to do with you feeling beautiful. It’s the confidence you carry and the way you acknowledge people. You are your own power, believe in yourself and smile.

Don’t ponder over your past

Don’t think too much and let your past come in between your dreams. You are meant to be absolutely beautiful and you need to move on from the things, your past. Be it a good memory or bad, it’s gone and you have to accept it. You need to know that all you have to make yourself feel special is the present. Feel your vibes. Feel grateful.

Appreciate yourself for successfully utilizing the present day.

You did it. Didn’t you? You made to the end of the day. It dosen’t matter if you didn’t cross your every to do list of the day. Feel happy that you tried doing it. Feel beautiful for being such a genuine person to yourself. Appreciate your imperfections and happily work over it. You’re beautiful by the end of the day.

Thank you!

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