Time management|Importance|Skills|Tips

People are often tensed about the time management tips. So here’s few tips on time management. I do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. So take what works for you. Time management|Importance|Skills|Tips

What is Time management?

Before we proceed. Let’s get a bit clear with the word “Time Management”. Time management is actually the coordination of the to do tasks with time. It helps a person to wisely choose a particular task and efficiently do it. It’s one of those life saving hack which is important for every person in a personal and professional life.

Time management|Importance|Skills|Tips

Why is time management important Time management|Importance|Skills|Tips

Time management is important it helps you balance your life and stress levels. Time management is an art and one who performs it well, is an artist. It helps you to stay organized and put together. It keeps you active and punctual.

Time management|Importance|Skills|Tips

What are time management skills? Time management|Importance|Skills|Tips

As said earlier, time management is an art. And the one who performs it well, is an artist.

Advantages of time management:

  • It helps you balance your life.
  • Reduce stress.
  • Achieving deadlines.
  • It helps you manage proper time for personal and professional life.
  • It helps you be active.

Disadvantages of not having time management:

  • Your life will not be organized.
  • Stress levels will be high.
  • You will hardly be able to get to any deadlines.
  • There will be an overlap of timings. You won’t have proper time for either your personal or professional life.
  • You will feel like giving up everytime.

Time management|Importance|Skills|Tips

So, here are top 10 Productivity tips Time management|Importance|Skills|Tips


Time management|Importance|Skills|Tips

Over the past 20 years there has been a tremendous amount of research around the impact of mindfulness and meditation.

There’s something that mindfulness is correlated with: reduced activity in the part of the brain where anxiety resides, improved sleep, reduced symptoms associated with depression, increased working memory, improved concentration, and a stronger immune system.

The best part? No training is required – just sit in a quiet place and focus on your breathing or try one of the many guided meditation apps ( suggestions include Headspace, calm, timer, 10% happier and simple habit.


It can be hard to find the time. But exercise is a great way to stay healthy and it provides a nice endorphin release. Try scheduling it into your day a few times a week on a recurring basis. If you have to sometimes cancel your workout for something more important, having it in your calendar means you are more likely to do it! If you don’t exercise regularly, you will probably feel depressed.


Resist the urge to check your email constantly; set aside a few times each day to process your email to maximize productivity. A study at University of British Columbia showed that checking email less frequently reduces stress. It can save you as much as 20% of the time it takes to process your inbox.


Optimism has more to do with success than your IQ. If you operate with a ‘positive‘ brain, you will be 31% more productive than if you work on brain stressed, neutral or negative. Feel positive, happy and beautiful.


To save time, keep meetings short and avoid unnecessary meetings. Keep in mind that sit-down meetings are longer than stand-up meetings. You might also want to consider a walking meeting.


Time management|Importance|Skills|Tips

Setting aside blocks of time in your calendar makes it easier to concentrate on difficult tasks. If you know the time of day when you are best able to focus. Try blocking it off with the intent of tackling your most challenging work and feel your nerves.

Batching similar activities (emails, phone calls, etc.) makes it easier on your brain. It reduces the switching between different types of tasks.


Americans, on average, get 90-minutes less sleep than the recommended eight hours a night, which is pretty enough. The same is true in the UK and Japan. Yet, in some professions. Staying at the office late into the night is viewed as admirable. And there is still an incorrect perception that sleeping is for lazy people.

Check out these 7 benefits of getting enough sleep:

  1. It helps your mind to rest.
  2. Your body breaths a fresh air.
  3. You feel alive and charged after a good nap.
  4. You have less stress levels.
  5. Your metabolism is normal.
  6. You feel your nerves.
  7. You feel ready for a new adventure.


Email or message notifications(the little box that floats in and out or the ding when you receive a new email) has the effect on your brain as if you’ve been up for 36 hours straight or as if your IQ dropped by 10 points. This is true, even if you do not click on it to look at the email. Your brain has been distracted from its focus. This notification is a default and was necessary (not that long ago) when we needed a reminder to check our email or messages. Do you really need that reminder?


Focusing on one (and only one) task at a time. As it will result in better work in less time with fewer errors and less stress.

What we refer to as multitasking is more often task switching. not doing two things simultaneously but rather, switching rapidly from one task to another and then back again.)Research from Stanford University shows that task switching negatively impacts productivity.

10. PLAN

At the end of each day. Spend 10 minutes reviewing your to-do lisf. Prioritize what is most important. Then, use your calendar to schedule times to work on your most important tasks. This will help you re-focus on what is critical and enable you to sleep better at night. If you show up at the office the next morning, and priorities have changed, you will be in a better position to handle crises, be flexible, and adjust your schedule.

Thank you!

Time management|Importance|Skills|Tips

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