Study hacks for students

We are all students until our life ends. Memory is a muscle. Get it in shape. Bringing to you the study hacks for students.

Okay so, I’m sharing some of good study hacks. These hacks will definitely help you to remember a bit quick and more easily. And will help you in your exams and also in your life.

What are those study hacks for students

Don’t panic, I am here to assure you the best study hacks-

  • Not everything can be handled like your pizza! “All at once!” So divide your study into sections and take breaks.
  • To study fast, you will have to read the start and the end paragraphs very carefully.
  • Make notes like a PRO.
    Read your notes while you make them. Don’t simply dump them in a corner for absorbing dust. So that you just throw them away in the end of the semester. Greatest Study hacks for students
  • Draw your diagrams to get them clear and perfect rather than just stare at them for hours.
  • Be careful with music, If you’re on YouTube. Maybe you can get distracted and before you realise you’re into Superwomen’s latest video and three hours have gone by.
  • All of us tend to drink coffee during studying. A good coffee boosts your work and energy.
  • Use mnemonics. Like the VIBGYOR. Play with mnemonics more than you play PUBG. This is the best Study hacks for students.
  • It’s been proven that peppermint stimulates brain activity and helps you concentrate better. So, chew on if you enjoy it. But make sure you limit your chewing after one or two sessions.
  • Try highlighting and colour coding. As it makes your notes more attractive. Which ultimately helps you memorize your notes even better. It’s a basic Study hacks for students.
Study hacks for students
  • Listen to video 2× speed. It saves your time and also increases your concentration.
  • Eating chocolate while studying helps the brain to retain new information more easily, resulfing into high test score.
  • Write down your worries before taking an exam. As it has been proven to actually boost your score.
  • If you chew gum when you study a subject and then chew the same flavour when you take the test, it helps you remember.
  • Writing out something is the memory equivalent of reading it seven times. Writing down is the best Study hacks for students
  • Make proper timetable for study. It helps you to stick to your targets and goals.
  • Speak Out Loud Instead of Simply Reading. Although this may look a bit crazy, but give it a go. You will be shocked how much more you can memorize and remember when you’ve said it out loud. Better not to try it in a library. Lol
  • I always do this. Drinking water stimulates your body and thinking.
  • The best way to test if you really understood something is to try to teach it to someone. One of the best Study hacks for students
  • Utilize your mobile’s lock screen. For instance, set it up display an image of your goal or dream. It will motivate and inspire you to study.
  • Gotta finish like ten chapters?? Then this is the best way to literally go ‘skim’ through material.
  • Stuck on test question?
    Try reading it in your teacher’s accent. The brain has a neutral receptor for grasping information based on familiar language.
  • You’re more likely to remember something you’ve written in blue ink than you’ve something written in black ink, yes. I know, this will be tough for few to believe. A secret Study hacks for students
  • Feeling stressed? Have a banana or avocado. Both of these fruits help the mind relax, instantly helps you feel happier.
  • Have a headache?
    Eat a mint. It has been proven to reduce the stress level.
  • Squeeze the fleshy place between your index finger and thumb. Applying firm pressure there for 30 seconds, its said that reduces stress and tension.

So yeah we are at the end!

I hope it helps 🙂 Do comment if you found this helpful.

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