How do I grow my self esteem faster.

Self esteem

Growing self esteem is important. Infact very important for one, because in today’s world each one of us, are trying hard to be productive enough and reach our goals. In order to concentrate and focus on our life in a more healthier way, one needs to have a good amount of self esteem.

1. Do few things that actually scare you for the growth of your self esteem-

Like go sky-diving, talk to a person at the bar that is completely out of your league, test your comfort zone and then face any other fears or hesitations you have. Think of some things that you do not want to do and do the scariest of them all, even if those things are not productive at all. Make sure you live your life freely and amazingly and give your self esteem a chance to grow.

2. Improve daily – 

Every day work and improve your self esteem by working on the skills that means the most to you. In doing so you will develop sources of self-esteem that grow to cover any lack of self-esteem you will have.

3. Learn to laugh about yourself – 

Smile when things go bad, yes and laugh when the life seems to get tough and enjoy your time or moment. Yes, it may hurt, but if you can learn to laugh in the face of pain and sadness then you will grow a skill more important than any other which will help you for life time.

4. Find ways to do something to grow self esteem –

Don’t look at whether or not you can perform it and then look only for ways in which it would be possible to do that. In what way could you do it? Keep looking for the things to support what you want to do.

5. Count your wins – 

At the end of each and every day count the wins you made. Put your attention on the things that empower you, makes you feel good instead of the mistakes you made and re-train your mind to fight side-by-side with you. Record at least 3 wins at the end of your day.

6. Yes I can-

Copy this Barack Obama’s favorite saying and use it to your own advantage. It dosen’t matter if you like him or not. A person cannot be loved by everyone but we must always learn the good qualities a person possess. Empower yourself with this by saying it three times in a row, each one being louder than the last and you will see some immediate effects in your body. Your cells and blood will feel active, better and fresh.

7. Choose to be confident for yourself, your self esteem

Before you walk out of the door today , simply choose to be confident, charismatic, and a person of high self-esteem. I will tell you why? Because you chose to and for no other reason than that. However, sometimes all you need is to make a choice for yourself and see yourself smile for the true. Yes, that one raw smile.

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