Overcome- The need to please.

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Overcome to please everyone.

In this life we meet a lot of people. A lot. However, some of them become friends. Nevertheless, few of them turn out to be your enemies. Surely, some of them turn out to be a wave of sweet poisons. Certainly, some of them proves to be life saviors. No matter what role they play in your life. You meet people and people meet you. That’s how life goes on and on. Let’s see how to overcome this need to please.

You might have crossed the situation when you felt like you don’t want this thing to happen, but you feel like you need to do that shit or else you will lose the person. Certainly, Just to make sure you don’t lose that person you obey him/her. Again, you do a particular thing you don’t want to. You keep yourself in a company you don’t want to be because you don’t feel good about it.

Till the time you don’t take your stand and you don’t feel confident. Undoubtedly, You feel insecure about your own self, your own body, your mind, your intelligence. Besides, you own people to keep on instructing you and dominate on you in some or the other way. Till the time you feel weak, You feel like you don’t have your own control over your mind, your body. Again, you feel the need of someone to feel your thoughts. That feeling, that you need to be guided, you need to have someone to give you a secure life.

You are wrong, if you feel any of them. Common! You need to set the bar. Overcome, this negative thought of yours as soon as possible. I will ask you to take the hold of yourself upon your shoulders. You need to feel that you are powerful. Energetic and much more than you really think of yourself. You are strong. You are beautiful. Nobody is needed to tell you that you are yourself and you can be yourself or you are free to be yourself. You owe yourself. Your mind,your body, soul, your presence, your devotion towards anything, your judgements, every single thing as far as it has you in it.

You don’t have to please any one. Overcome all such thoughts. You only need to please your own self and you need to listen to your own self and feel beautiful. Heal your mind. Explore and see yourself grow. Give your best shot everyday.

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