Long hours study sessions

My answer is very simple but highly effective for Long hours study sessions. This is something I used to do myself when I felt low. Though I am a motivational writer myself. I have times when I feel low. Deprived of inspiration.

And therefore, I can understand your situation too. Since I have undergone this situation and many students do feel the same.

I. Why does this happen?

– So why this happens only when we study. Or we try to maximum times when we study?

– For one simple reason. When we have Long hours study sessions we generally go into a shell. Our life changes. Communications are low. Social networking quotient is done. Friends are far away or usually in no mood of fun.

– Simply because, we can’t call our friends and say “Common, let’s play Carom today”. All you will hear will be abuses of all types.

– In all, our fun quotient is down.

– I ain’t saying that the above thing isn’t correct. It’s indeed said to do as written above. But little things have to be done in other ways which I am listing below. There is one solution, to all these written in the bottom of the answer!

II. How do deal with this situation? Some simple Home Remedies!

Long hours study sessions | Tricks | Hacks | Plans -Motivation for better life

(a) Have a routine and follow it –

Keep your routine fixed. And follow the same routine regularly. Study regularly. Study in a healthy way. This is because the burden of studying is going to stress you out.

(b) Time for Hobbies –

Your schedule should include particular sections of the day. When you feel totally exhausted or you feel you can’t focus anymore. This time is your hobby time.

(c) List out your hobbies –

The day when you plan your studies, also plan your hobbies. Oh it’s a big yes, make a list including your hobbies. Things that you like to do. Now everyday at that time, you will open this list, pick an activity, and simply enjoy it! This ensures your hobbies growth, and you have a great time.

(d) Quality time with family –

Exams/Study Preperation time was always a good family time for me. Because there was cutoff with social connections and friends. So family was all the human beings I used to see and talk daily. So spend a quality time with family! Talk with them.

(e) Enjoy the company of Pets –

If you have a pet and you are a pet-lover, again could be an amazing activity.

(f) Be a Nature-lover –

Obviously, you study early morning, or late night or may be both. That’s great, go out on the terrace or the balcony and relax over there. Enjoy the warmth of the morning or chills of the night.

But hang on! This works when you get up early in morning like 5 am – 6:30 am and similarly if you sleep very late like 11 pm – 1 am.

(g) Attaching other goals to your study goal –

Long hours study sessions | Tricks | Hacks | Plans -Motivation for better life

For long hours study sessions,Instead of using your 2 hours daily for activities, you may alternatively use it for a fixed purpose! Yes! Just like Parasites, stick one Personal and Social Objective to the reason of Studying. If you are dancer / singer / instrument player / sportsperson / writer / reader etc. you could practice your skills in 2 hours breaks daily. Else you can plan to become something better socially or personally.

Why this works? – Because when you focus on other goal, you forget about your study goals and thereby automatically for 2 hours everyday your mind will relax and therefore a fresh energy breath can be inhaled. Besides a sound mind lies sound body. So that way also it’s good, instead of being lazy and dull.

III. Mega Solution – Works every time!

– Yes! It happens that even after trying all the above, you may still feel like “Oh God! Why am I studying?”

– When you feel low on motivation, the mega solution comes to rescue and that is – “Look Back and Look Front”.

– You should turn and look back to the day, when you just started and Look forward to the day when you will achieve it!

When I used to feel low while studying for NEET, I used to think about why do I want to join medical? What was my goal? How it will be when I pass my exams? How will I react to the result? What will the perks? How will i boast about it amongst my friends, etc.

– You should prepare a list of all such reasons or all such points and attach it to your long hours study sessions and plan.

– Include some motivational quotes said by popular heroes which will make you feel better, you may include personalities which motivate you!

– Create an environment and keep all distractions away from you.

Sachin Tendulkar inspired me a lot, I mean just by his name! And I thought how he did it all, using a coin on the stumps and practicing all day to earn that one rupee coins! Its all in you sub-consciously and when you feel silent they come back to you!

IV. Besides you will have to be cautious of few things:

(a) You have to give up few things –

– Mobile

– Television

– Any sort of Internet

– Computers, Laptops, Gaming Devices

– Any other thing which is a “Time-pass” and sucks lot of your time in a day.

(b) Plan your days, block your day in advance –

Long hours study sessions | Tricks | Hacks | Plans -Motivation for better life

Similarly plan your studies and Fix your time for studies. Similarly easure everyday how much hours you studied a Keep a track of it, it keeps you motivated. Don’t plan your studies beyond a week. But for one week, plan it on Paper.

(c) Divide your day into different Sessions. Whatever time you are left with, give the best study time to your weakest subject!

(d) This doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy life! You will have to fix a time of day, when you feel like a lazy person!

(e) Now this time usually 2 hours on average, you can put few of your hobbies or non-addictive time pass. This may include:

1. Reading, Writing

2. Dancing, Singing

3. A particular Television show ( shouldn’t be a series)

4. Hanging out (non-intrusive)

5. Anything you think appropriate

Peace of mind is most important to boost your study hours. I have myself studied 12 effective hours a day by this method for a good stretch of period and therefore, it is recommended to do the same.

(f) Just do this for 7 days –

Your target is 7 days. On 8th day you will be used to. If you do it for a month, you will have mastered your nerves by then!

It’s like an addiction, which has to be taken at fixed time, similarly you can get addicted to good habits as well!

(g) Go into “dumb mode” –

Yes complete Silence, no talks, no chit-chatting, no calls. Only important talks and that too in most smart and shortest manner! This will help you boost your concentration!

Thank you!

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