Life’s most important choices

Life is unpredictable and extremely dynamic. You can never know what’s going to be in the next minute of your life. But there are endless opportunities and enough challenges to know Life’s most important choices.

What are the life’s most important choices?

  • Learn to talk to yourself. No one cares about your problems. As a matter of fact, you make yourself disheartened by asking for someone’s help, you just might not notice it. There is only one person who cares about your problems and that’s you.
  • If you are a student and if you hate the things taught in the school, It’s totally fine. But, you should always have a desire for learning something. It can be any learning any new language, life skills, painting, writing, etc. Trust me, the real learning happens outside of your college.
  • If you are not making money or earn less money, learn to save it. Money should not be your primary reason to approach things. If it is, then you are bound to be unhappy by your job or business. Respect money but try not to fall in love with it.
  • Warren Buffett once said, “ If you want to succeed at life, learn to say no.” I was like, why? That sounded like a dumb idea straight up. But, when you do it yourself, you understand how important it is. I don’t watch movies, I don’t go to parties. Whenever my friends asked me I always said no. They might not like that attitude but you shouldn’t care. You will stay away from that bullshit and generate a lot of time for yourself.

Life hacks

  • Learn to visualize. Next time you listen to your favorite inspirarional speakers, Imagine you doing the things that fears you the most. Let your mind loose. Your mind doesn’t understand what’s real and what’s fake. Use it to train yourself for hard times.
  • Learn a bit more about your body. Research about carbohydrates, proteins, carbs, fats, metabolism, etc. Don’t go to YouTube, rather check Wikipedia. Avoid to learn from a place where you go for entertainment unless you won’t find it elsewhere.
  • Learn to praise and reward yourself instead of punishing. If you keep punishing yourself for the things you did in the past, you will end up on the ground upside down. But if you make yourself feel proud for the little things you did today, you are rewarding yourself. That craving for reward will help you want things again. It’s simple psychology, people do call this things life hack.

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3 thoughts on “Life’s most important choices”

  1. Akhil Kumar Rungta

    cool Ria!! You are doing great by motivating people. Self praising and self rewarding is the most beautiful thing which one can adopt in his/her life to get succeed. Actually we always run after big goals without celebrating the small goals which we acheives in the journey of success. And this results in distress or mental pain.

  2. “Tat Tum Asti” is an ancient HINDU philosophy. It is up to you to make or break it. You are responsible for your own destiny.
    RIA you have acquired this deep understanding of life. You actually practice it through YOGA and maybe do other things that are not disclosed.
    Hope to hear more from you.
    You may contact me at if you please.

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