What should be left behind in 2020.

Things that should be left behind in 2020

2020 has been the most unexpected year for each and everyone of us. We never expected such sudden lock down and many of us even got to know the meaning of “quarantine” for the very first time. I know 2020 has been a really tough shot. Some of us lost their career, some of us lost a very close and dear one’s. Some of us lost the hope in humanity due to domestic violence and everyday social battles. Let’s figure out what’s needed to left behind in 2020.

20-20 was challenging. No matter what or who you are? A student, a workaholic, a housewife or a house keeper. It was equally challenging for each one of us. But…no matter how your last year went. We can always decide and hope and look forward for the coming year and for the coming days to make it the best for ourself and know what should be left in 2020 gladly.

This article can guide you and help you decide what are the things you really need to leave behind and enter in a completely fresh year and with a fresh mind in 2021. So, are you excited to dive into the lists.

  • Self guilt- Nothing could be worse than this. If you constantly feed your mind that you’re guilty of something in your life. You wanted to achieve this thing in 2020 but you failed somehow. That’s Okay! And normal you know. But, if you keep feeding yourself with such negativities every time you sit down to reflect on yourself. Baby, you are doing self killing and this, this constant negative thinking can make you pay heavy rent. This thing can ruin your coming days. So, better to feed yourself with appreciation and self love. Right.
  • Taking bit by bit- When we start to look at a bigger picture. The very first thing we feel is “OH MY GOD” it’s so tough and maybe I can never do it or this is completely not my cup of tea but in reality when we take a small section of it and try to figure it out. It can be clearly seen that this is not as tough, as I imagine it and that I can actually try doing this. So when you think of trying something, you are developing self power. And that self power leads to a great success.
  • Over extending- This has been something which most of us have been doing since a long time. We have been over extending and stuffing our time with the things we need to accomplish. We have less time and more stuff to do. So, we need to take it slow. We need to know our time and our work. Divide your work according to the time you have and not hurry to just complete the task because as it’s said perfection needs time.
  • Procrastination- Now procrastination is probably something which everyone of us faces. We plan something but then we can’t do that and we keep on pondering about other things in life and then we actually start regretting at the end of the day because we were not able to complete a task on time just because we procrastinated. To avoid procrastination you need to make your bigger goals look like a smaller ones by sectioning it and then working on it and say that i left it 2020 .
  • Old patterns- If following the old routines doesn’t seem to excite you anymore. Try something new, something that will excite you and make you feel good. How about getting yourself a new routine?
  • No healthy boundaries- Enough of toxic people in life. In 2021, this new year you can’t just take risk in being attached to the toxic people and the wrong ones who no more value you and also no more add value in your life too. You need to set yourself free from all the toxicity in life. Be it in professional or personal life.
  • Comaprison- Comparison is unhealthy. It’s unhealthy for your mind, your heart and for yourself. It just harms you and make you feel weak for no reason. You will feel insecure about the things you shouldn’t. You will feel low and will always doubt your abilities. In 2021, you can’t take the risk to do so. You need to move ahead in life with full of young spirit.

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