How to be productive?

Just want to get break from this unproductive life. Doing a lot of things daily, but none of them works. But definitely starting again and with the positive attitude will work. So, check this personal hacks for how to be productive.

WAKE UP EARLY IN THE MORNING : One of the best way to start a productive day, is to get up early in the morning. It will help you to improve in every aspect of your life and boost your productivity all over the day. You will feel active and fresh. Early doesn’t mean waking up at 3am or 4am but do wake up between 5 to 6am.

EXERCISE: People who exercise during the workday have more energy and a more positive attitude. Doing exercise in the morning is the first thing that improves your self-control and maintains your energy levels throughout the day.

DRINK SOME LEMON WATER FIRST: Lemon water gives you steady and natural energy that lasts the complete length of the day by improving nutrient absorption in your stomach. It helps you to cut off extra fats and also detoxify your body, removes the toxic material from your body.

AVOID EMAILS, SOCIAL MEDIA BEFORE BREAKFAST: Do not grab your phone and make it the first thing in the morning to check your Facebook, Instagram, texts and emails. Instead, focus your positive energy elsewhere. Jumping right into electronics makes the opposite effect — it’s a wrong way to start your day. Doing exercise, meditating, or even watching the birds out the window are all the great ways to start the day.

EAT A HEALTHY AND RICH BREAKFAST: Avoid all the processed or high sugar foods. A good breakfast is vital for a successful day and also helps you to improve your energy and boost up your productivity and mood too. Always try to grab something before going out. Even if you’re in rush, prefer to have fruits, eating a banana or apple on your way to work, it can help as a booster to your productivity levels.

How to be productive?

CLEAN YOUR WORKSPACE FIRST: No one likes to work in a messy atmosphere. Even though it’s a pain in the back to clean, the moment you start focusing on your work, it makes a big difference in your ability to concentrate. Just take out a few minutes to clean up all the things and make it clutter free. A healthy place means a healthy mind. And healthy mind means a healthy life.

USE ONLINE PRODUCTIVITY TOOLS: Most of the highly productive person use Project Management Tool to perform better and be productive in their work. You can use other tools to be extra productive at your workplace and be more attractive. You need to be smart enough to be productive person and not someone who doesn’t really make the most out of the efforts.

START WITH A SIMPLE TASK: It keeps you focused and also increases your productivity level. Choose one task and try to complete it, and then move on. Instead of bouncing between different tasks, try to focus on one thing at a time. Multitasking is actually bad for productivity. SO, STOP MULTITASKING. It dosen’t yield good results.

BREAK UP MORE CRITICAL WORK INTO SIMPLE TASKS: Try to splitt all work into simple tasks, as one cannot be focused on all at once. And at the end, all the task seems to be pending. First things first. So the task which is more important to you, do it first and then focus on the next task.

DON’T TRY TO DO EVERYTHING AT ONE TIME: Performing multitasking is actually bad for productivity. It will take you much longer to try to do three things at once than it will to do one thing at a time. Try to splitt all the work into different tasks. AVOID THE “TYRANNY OF THE URGENT.”

REVIEW YOUR DAY:  Stay away from stuff what is taking you away from what you want to do. At the end of the day, spend some time to review your day for about 10 minutes. Take out your to-do list, grab a cozy seat and just review what you did. Mark down all the things you accomplished that day. Always make time to reflect on your best achievement or success of that day.

REWARD YOURSELF: It’s important to reward yourself. You may work hard if you know there’s a reward coming at the end of a particular task. For example, you can allow yourself a 10-minute social media break or even a walk outside after completing an assignment.

RELAX: After you completed all your target, you reviewed your day, you defined your outcomes, you unplug your distractions, Now it’s time to finally relax and breathe. Have a relaxing evening watching your favorite series or by taking a warm cozy shower and preparing some delicious food for yourself.

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  1. Thanks for nice aeticle. Most important factor according to me is will to do. Usually we all have to-do list but we don’t take any action on that. Any pointers in that direction?

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