How To Be Happy Everyday?

How to be happy everyday?

Life’s a merry go round and we can never be certain about anything.These 7 things are easy to follow but tough to make a habit.

Being unhappy and depressed is so common these days. I see people earning lakhs in a month but they are not happy. I see them stressed, I see them depressed, I see them surrounded by numbers. I see them sad inside.

Here’s a pro tip to all of that.

Have a positive attitude in the morning

Positive attitude saves you from mental and emotional stress. It helps you to relax your mind and your skin breathes some fresh air. Positive vibes brings in enormous energy and enthusiasm with itself. You feel happy to start your day and face the upcoming challenge.


When you feel your mind is blocked and you can no more take anything. Meditate. It helps you relax and brings your body and mind in an equilibrium position and makes you ready for your day. Stress can be emotional, mental,physical but meditation can be a medicine to any kind of stress.


Look at the mirror when you are happy. Look at it, when you are sad. Aren’t you meant to be happy again? Don’t you feel that you deserve that smile again. You do. So, nomatter how rough your life turns to, it’s important to smile. It’s important because people don’t care about your sadness and your sadness isn’t good for your health. It’s ok to feel low, to cry, to feel lonely and depressed at times. But remember to smile always because you are brave and have fought your life so far. You ain’t giving up so easily. Are you?


One of the most important aspects of life is being patient. Thinking twice before making any decision. A decision made in hurry is always based on the emotions and very few of us are pro at making the right decisions on the spot. You can take your time. Time heals every emotion and you get time to think stuffs practically.


Make yourself presentable for the day. Dosen’t matter if you need to go out for work or you simply decide to sit at that comfy chair corner and just read a book or sip a coffee. Making yourself presentable gives you a feeling of “like a boss” and you feel a happier person. You feel like a boss. And that feeling obviously changes the mood and vibe of the place.

Drink water

Water is one of the most important part of life. If you drink 6 to 7 glasses of water in a day. You are going great. But for people like me, I struggle drinking water too often. So, what I did is, i fill my bottle early morning and make a plan to finish the complete bottle by mid day. If you are a struggler too, we can together be bottle partners.


Say no if you don’t like anything. Say no if you feel burdened. Say no if you feel uncomfortable. Say no if you feel it’s going beyond your limits. Say no if you feel miserable. Say no if you feel it. Saying no is never wrong and it’s completely an individual’s choice if he/she wants or not. Stand for your life. Stand for your decisions. Stand for yourself.

Self-love is what matters above all.

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