How to Attract your Crush/Love?

Falling in love or having a crush on someone is absolutely the most beautiful feeling a person feels. Especially you simply see someone and you figure out that your mind and heart just keeps on thinking about them. Particularly,f you are in a class or in college and you have a crush on someone, all your time and attention is focused on them only. Also, you keep on daydreaming that one day he/she will be your love. But somehow due to some fear you are miss out the chance to tell your crush how you feel. So, let’s see how can you actually attract your crush/love.

So for the romantic chicks who want to impress or attract their crush/love this article is the perfect spot for them. Also here I am, telling you with my own observations. Indeed, Life’s too short to be observed and be obsessed.

What are the tips to attract your crush/love?

There’s no hurry so I want you to feel it as you read ahead. Furthermore, Leave all your secrets and questions, dump your past and fell grateful for your this happening read.


One of the most attractive feature in a person is not their height or figure or what they wear, how rich or poor they are. Today, the most attractive feature in someone is the confidence they carry in their self. The way they portray themselves in front of others and the way they keep their points without sounding too rude or cheap. So be confident of what you speak and who you are. Nothing can be more appealing than a confident person and definitely you will succeed in your mission to attract your crush/love.

People always tend to fall for someone who is kind and has a caring nature. Help people by doing good deeds, like some volunteering for some NGOs helping those who really need help. Let your crush see your this side of the story that you too have a kind heart and helpful nature. And let them observe and attract your crush/love, let them know that you kind, polite and caring towards your crush and their feelings. Everybody loves to be with a person who is down to earth rather than a person who showcases his/her attitude.


Well by sense of humour I don’t mean that you have to become a joker or a clown of a circus. But be funny and sarcastic in your talks, tell them some crazy funny embarassing stories that happened in your life. Definitely, you don’t need to be a comedian. All you need to tell them some random funny incidents of your life which helps them laugh and giggle…because a “personal tip: girl’s do like boys who can make them laugh effortlessly.”

A person who is passionate enough towards their goal, is definitely very attractive to other person because this shows the ambitious nature they have in their life. A goal to acheive something great in life. And that’s the secret tip which is very important to impress your love.

How to Attract your Crush/Love?

Talk to them about what kind of things they like in life, their interests, their hobbies basically find some common grounds. That will help in commuting and let that person know that you are interested to know them. And that will also let them analyze that you are an excellent listener and are patient enough to know about their life too. And are genuinely interested in them. They will definitely want you to meet once more. This tip helps you to attract your crush and strengthen your love bonds.

Well, if you have someone as your crush don’t just go on their face and tell them i like you and i want to date you. Give it some time. Time is the greatest weapon. Become a good friend and get to know them. Knowing them as a person and letting them know who you are is going to be very helpful. Take it a step by step. If you are already in love with someone, give them your time. Trust me, that’s the best gift a relationship can ever get and works for you to attract your crush/love.

I have seen many a times one becomes a very good friend to their crushes but are scared to express it to them because of the fear of losing their friendship. Well my friend you need to take the risk, because you have to accept it dear one, a person connects better with someone who is not afraid to express how they feel in a spontaneous way in a conservation and ask them out for a date.
So you need to take that leap of faith otherwise you are going to be friendzoned for life.

A person always like someone who is there for them in the times of trouble. The one who is always willing to stand by their side and willing to help them, keeping aside their own troubles. They feel genuinely attracted to them by their efforts because they know he/ she is there for them and that is a great achievement in itself. You just made your way through the world dear one, and one day your crush will be yours and your love will appreciate your efforts.


Well if you didn’t understand the point, i will explain it to you. You need to be there for them at the time when no one is there for them. When they need the support of someone you need to be there to help them in their life to grow as a person. Your supporting nature will let them know how much you care about them. And you do play such an important part in their life and attract your crush/love.

One of the most crucial point. You need to respect the person you want as your partner. And by respecting i do not mean that you need to obey each and every word of them, but you need to have some respect for their decisions they make in life. Definitely one needs to respect their decisions of what they want to do in life and be supportive to them in their cause. This behaviour shows maturity of your emotions towards them. The compassion and respect you have for their feelings and decisions. And it will surely make them fall for you. And make your love live longer.

So these were the few basic tips one should keep in mind on how to impress their crush/love. It’s not a rocket science but definitely needs to be focused like that or else there are chances that you end up losing them. All the very best for your life.
I hope this article is a bit of help to you.

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