How do I stay positive during the tough times.

Everything starts with the thought of how you feel about yourself. Feel worthy and feel special. Feel deserving for the best that happens in your life. Those who seem to have the best in life are no different than you. And you can also feel different by believing in yourself to be deserving of the best and by staying positive during the tough times.

Positivity can be deliberately triggered by the same chemicals in the brain, those chemicals are named as “neurotransmitters” that trigger happiness and joy out of you. Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins. The good news is that the brain doesn’t bother whether you’re happy or sad. All it responds to is the stimuli you give it like happy, sad, depressed and it begins to respond immediately by releasing the corresponding chemicals.

None of the year is the worst year of your life. It is the year when nature re-asserts itself as an authority over the human race. In fact, every negative thing has something positive in it as it awakens humanity to the realities of life and challenges our mental health.

Tough times dosen’t come to destroy us, they simply come to bring out the best in you. When tough times come, don’t just focus on survival or ways to escape the tough times, otherwise you’ll miss the big picture. Open your mind and look for ways to take advantage and have a broader view of it. Realize what you were missing in life. Keep the life lessons you learnt from there.

Even when all doors seem to be closed, there’s always a secret plan. Kindly don’t give up soon. Keep that positive spirit alivd in you. Keep digging deep ,keep knocking. Someone will come to the scene, who doesn’t like the persistent noise of your knockings.

Tough times don’t last but tough people definitely do. How will you know that you’re tough unless you’ve been tried and tested through fire? How can diamonds be made unless they’re subjected to high pressure and strong heat?

Maintaining a positive mental attitude can completely defeat the most cruel of situations. Negativity will definitely shake the toughest man or woman. When it comes to mind over matter, mind always, always wins.

Hope cuts through despair like a candle light shinning through darkness or like laser cutting through metal, or like a hot knife cutting through some butter. No amount of darkness no matter how intense, will ever put out the candle light. History is full of hopeful men and women who over came great obstacles, and also full of desperate men and women who had zero hope.

The purpose of existence is to be stronger in the toughest time. If you find yourself desperate or you find someone on the verge of giving up, the bet way to survive is to find a valid purpose to live. More importantly, find a good and valid purpose to live for others.

The best way to stay positive during tough times is to stay active. Just do something,keep yourself busy. Be active. Do anything, but don’t be passive in nature. Use your imagination, your creativity. Suppose, you’re in a prison cell, imagine that you’re in a track field and jog around your cell. If you’re in a lockdown, exercise your body, yes do it. Imagine you’re in a gym. Throw a punch in the air. Never allow yourself to be static or dull. Maintain your focus. Breathe in and out before and after each session of exercise, take some really deep breaths.

Develop a morning ritual, positive day ritual and an evening ritual. Don’t allow yourself to succumb to situations that make you dull or stagnant. Always make sure you’re growing in some or the other way. Good and bad times are part of life, so never let those times retard you.

Don’t think of making a mountain out of a molehill. When you fear, that thing will never happen. Most of what you fear is just your imagination. What you focus on more, starts to grow bigger in your mind. And what you focus on less, starts to shrinks in size.

Finally, the best way to stay positive during tough times is to stay close to someone who is positive enough, who reflects positivity and someone who is close to you. Two people are always better than one. Three are even better. And if you feel like you have no one, don’t die yet. Someone who has you in mind has already been sent to you, trust me.

Cheers to some happy vibes now.

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