Healthy foods for running

The healthy foods for running that you must eat.

If you plan to introduce running in your daily schedule, then you should consume the food that provides your body with all the necessary energy.

Don’t forget to provide your body with enough of energy.

Minerals and proteins are necessary for the body because they allow the body to function normally and efficiently.

Eat potatoes, cereals, bananas, dried, nuts and yogurt every day as it is considered to be a healthy food for running

Take vitamin C regularly and drink plenty of water daily.

While running, it is important to take small sips of water, whether you are thirsty or not, because when you feel thirsty, it means that your body is dehydrated.

Pasta from whole grains

Whole grain pastas are full of carbohydrates and will be of great help to your body if you consume them before training or running. It’s known as the Healthy foods for running.

With this food rich in vitamin B (among other things), will improve body’s endurance power and you will be able to run better.

Bananas number one food

Bananas are a fruit that is consumed by everyone who runs.

They are great fruit for before and after running. They boost energy and replenish what you have lost by running.

In addition, bananas are very rich in potassium, it regulates blood pressure. ananas are also one of the main products for anyone who is involved in running and is also known as one of the Healthy foods for running.

Dark chocolate for more energy

If you run, you don’t go anywhere without dark chocolate, and here’s why.

Thanks to the high percentage of cocoa in it, dark chocolate is a perfect anti-inflammatory for tired muscles after training.


Broccoli is full of vitamins (especially vitamin C), calcium and vitamin K, all of which help heal muscles and strengthen the bones.

Although it may not be a favorite food, but it should certainly be consumed.

Broccoli is good to eat pre and post training.

One of the biggest mistakes made before running, and usually before any workout, is overeating, which can causes nausea.

Limited food intake before training is somewhat mandatory, the ideal time to eat is two hours before running.

Before running, it is necessary to warm up the muscles of your body properly. Its important so that there are no stretches and inflammations in the muscles. As they are neither pleasant nor good for your body.

So take out few minutes for a short and dynamic stretch.

One of the mistakes that are made is in the intake of water.

Neither too little nor too much. So, find the right measure when it comes to water.

If you drink too much water before running, your stomach will not function properly. You will not feel like you have enough energy.

Frequent drinking of water in small sips is considered to be the best solution for quenching thirst.

The most important thing is to follow signs that your body is giving you.

If you are finally feeling energetic and relaxed, feel free to run around as much as you like. But if you are feeling tired , it is better to shorten your run or postpone it for another day. he rest is equally important as training.

Each organism is different, individual and for itself.

But there are some types of food, which has been confirmed by numerous studies, that it interferes with the body during running and starts creating discomfort in the abdomen.

Like any well-lubricated machine that works perfectly, the human body must be well-tuned to have a good workout. It must be tuned to put it in a better, comfortable feeling during a workout.

Basically, what can be said in one word, and what we should avoid before training, is a basic protein diet.

We all know that proteins are the building blocks of muscle. It is used to accelerate the regeneration of damaged tissues after training but not before the training.

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