Real Happiness means to be present in the moment, to forget the regrets of your past and worries of the Future.

At this moment Happiness is here, in this reading moment of yours.

I would like to share one story that I was reading few days back, I found it very inspiring and so I decided to share.

Story time for happiness

There was one town which was surrounded by huge walls of infinitive lengths. This town has tall ladder of infinitive length. From more than hundreds of years, people used to believe that there was a beautiful world beyond these walls and only way to surpass those walls was those ladder. If anyone could be able to reach at the top of the ladder then he/she could easily reach to that beautiful world

People were trying hard to climb up that ladder but none of them succeeded. Some people tried expensive jet planes too, but they died when the fuel was over. It seemed as there was no end of ladder so people gave up the hope of climbing up the ladder because none of them since hundreds of years was able to do that. Either people returned after climbing up the ladder with no hope or somewhere they lost in the ladders.

Going deep into the story


People also tried to break the wall but they no one succeeded. One day a miracle happened. One little child was playing outside his home near the walls. People around were trying to break the wall with some sharp weapons at that time. That kid just touch the wall. Suddenly, the portion of the wall was removed automatically. People got shocked. The kid easily passed through the wall and reached the other side, the other world. People also followed the child and reached the other world. They were shocked even more. They saw only children there. Children were playing and enjoying in that new world.

Now, coming back to your original question. Here, the walls denotes the expectation, the ladder means the wealth and the other world means the happiness. Analyse this story slowly.


The walls were of infinitive lengths means people have extremely high expectations. There is no end of expectations. People were trying to reach the beautiful world by breaking walls which means people were trying to get happiness through breaking/satisfying the expectations. There is no end of expectations means you will not able to break the wall of expectation through any approach.

Expectation is the route cause of lack of happiness. When do you become sad? If something doesn’t happen according to your expectation, then you will be sad. Some people think that when I will be rich I will be happier or when I will achieve this or that then I will be happy. No! Wrong!
This is not true. It just means you want to say that I will happy only on the moment when I accomplished my expectation then what about your journey till your goal? Will you be sad throughout your journey? Real happiness is at the present moment.

“Up to a point, happiness is the only thing in this world which is at the present moment never in past or in future.Therefore, enjoy the moment. You cannot be happy in future, live your moment.”

Moral of the story for happiness

On the whole, that’s the reason why only that kid was able to reach the other world and why only kids were there playing all those games. Because kids have no expectation from future and they enjoy the moment.If you give them a hug today they will be happy. They don’t bother about future whether they will get hug the next day or not. They simply enjoy the moment. Just like them, live in the present moment.

Furthermore, let’s us discuss the ladder. Hence, this is the most wrong conception that the people have for life.It should be noted, wealth equals to happiness. Wrong! Actually there is no direct relation between the two. Unless they both are independent variables (think in terms of mathematics).

“Money is important to survive in life. Without money you cannot survive in life. But earning money needs some real sweats.

This is the case somewhat like petrol and car. If you want to drive car you need petrol in your car. Here car means your life and petrol means money. If you want to live the life, you definitely need money. I want to ask few questions.

” Do you drive car for the purpose of purchasing petrol or do you purchase petrol for the purpose of driving car freely? “
” Do you live your life for the purpose of getting more money/getting rich or do you earn money for the purpose of living your life? “

I think you got my point.

Lastly, I would suggest you to be happy, be like a child. Work hard for your future, but do not waste your life bothering about your future. So, Live in the present moment and enjoy this moment.

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