Importance of a girl child

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India is a religious country. People from different caste and creed live together with harmony. It is religiously a believe that children are the gift of god. By this we may conclude that every child whether it’s a boy child or a girl child that is brought up to life is a gift from the almighty and they should be discriminated on the basis of sex. But this far from the truth.

It is an irony that the country that has accomplished its Mars mission in its Maiden attempt. It lacks behind at 129th rank across the globe on the basis of gender inequality index. India today, is a developing country. It has made its name in different sectors such as research, science, sports, technology, infrastructure, etc. Not only men but many womens to have a country buted a lot in the development of India.

Be the moon mission’s Kalpana Chawla, be the human computer Shakuntala Devi be famous sports personalities like Sania Mirza, Sania Nehwal, Mary Kom, PV Sindhu and many more this list is really long and their success and achievements should be enough to make people aware of the potential of a girl child but to our discontent yet again this is not the case.

Girl child

A girl child is considered as Lord Durga and is worshiped a girl child today is the women of tomorrow. A girl child today is the future of our nation a girl child today is a tomorrow’s mother and wife to a gentleman. She should be preserved, she should be educated, she should be taught Self defense, she should be fulfilled with all those basic necessities of life.

A well educated girl child not only surves the country in a particular sector but also lays the foundation of an educated family. A empowered women build a better society to live in. A well empowered woman is someone who will not discriminate a newborn on the basis of their gender. She will nurture the infant with love and care she will do all that she can to educate and promote that child in their desired sector which will add up to the development of the nation.

A child is a marvellous gift of God on a child’s heavenly smile can put away all the stress and anxiety that this fast moving world with cut throat competition has gifted you.

Be it a boy aur be it a girl there is absolutely no difference. he only difference that makes her less lovable is people sick mentality that are today’s leaders need to work on.

Last but not the least, I would like to throw a dim light on something I have personally felt like talking to different people about their concerns about girl child the economically weaker section of the society are mostly the uneducated people who are unaware about the achievements of girls and even if someone from that section of society has acceptance to word girl child they cannot afford the cost of dowry which makes them weak in the knees.

Many educated people who would gladly accept a girl child with open arms. have to solidify the heart because of the unsafe environment of our society in which we live in. On account of the safety of their child many families are not likely to wish for a girl child because of lack of proper security system in our country.

Lastly, comes the economically higher sections of our society. It is not every rich family is an educated family and it is this lack of education that has restricted there thought of process to the basic later Vedic period where a girl child considered a Taboo and boy child is always considered superior to them.

I would like to end this blog with the hope that every child whether it’s a boy or a girl is equally important. Both are equally blessed with equal opportunities. Let the humanity live. Let’s raise the bar now because it’s high time.

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