Do’s of life.

The do’s in life is do such things that everyone should be happy and beneficial of it. Your do’s shouldn’t affect others.

So what should you do?

Do what make you feel happy, positive, refresh your mind, makes you feel energetic etc. Before you do this, you need the energy to focus for the do’s in life.

It starts from getting up early in the morning. Best time to get up is to get up at 4:30 a.m. Early morning freshen up, do exercise, yoga, meditation. It will give energy, positive attitude and focus. Then you can have a bath with cold water. It has its own benefits like there will be no heart attack, improves self confidence, etc. Then eat green vegetables with milk or any light breakfast. Make sure that you don’t skip it.

Then do’s will depend on the factor of your profession like, whether you are student, employer, businessman, teacher, etc.

Whatever your profession may be, maintain the time. Time is very important in life. When you start your work on time, you will develop discipline. Through discipline you will get focus and slowly your work will become interesting too.

Take regular breaks, your mind will feel relaxed. Best way to relax is listen some silent songs.

To focus or concentrate on any things you have to make timeline like I will develop the skills and knowledge within one or two months. Take your own time.


  1. As I said, start with exercise. In initial days only do 15 to 20 minutes. Don’t do more than that. Then after 21 days increase by 15 minute more and do some advanced exercise. Always focus on consistency not on how hard you have done exercise and for how long is spent on it.
  2. Make a goal with timeline. For example, you want to start to read book of thousand page then make plan of reading only 25 pages per day then it will take 1000/25 equal to 40 days to complete the books, so you have to finish reading the books within 40 days. Through this you will develop the habit of discipline, time management, planning, etc. (Prefer to read books on your area of interest for your subject which will help you are in your profession through this you will get a lot of knowledge and it will increase your confidence)
  3. Make a habit of playing games or sports (outdoor games like football, cricket, badminton, extra indoor games like chess, puzzle solving Sudoku, don’t prefer in mobile.) Playing sports make you feel young and energetic. It kills fat and cholesterol. Improve your body flexibility and so many benefits.
  4. Concentrate on your food what you eat (make sure your food include the vitamins, protein, fibres, avoid junk food.) I know it looks crazy for you, but you don’t know the benefits of eating healthy food. Healthy food gives your healthy mind.
  5. How to avoid the junk food. Try to leave for 3 days first, then try with one we then try with 15 days. Once in 15 days if you have to eat junk food but don’t over eat it. Limit junk intake in life, you have to enjoy all kinds of flavour after all. Isn’t it?

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