Depression: How to Overcome depression?

To start with the ways to overcome depression. Let’s throw a light on what is depression? Depression is a medical condition. It’s not usually “laziness” or a temporary response to some grief, disappointment.

There is a reason there are a lot of negative thoughts is ecause the mind is idle. Mind is idle because you don’t feel the energy to do anything. The reason you don’t feel energized to do anything is because you are channeling the bulk of your energy. Meanwhile suppressing your emotions, as a result of the negative thoughts.

Due to the fact negative thoughts leads to negative emotions. Similarly Negative energy suppress emotions. No energy to do anything else. Mind is idle. More negative thoughts. The fear that you will not be normal. Furthermore is again one of the biggest negative thought. As it’s all connected, but it can be hard to see when you’re in the thick of it. It’s all a big haze, a neverending cloud of darkness. To overcome depression you need to learn the basics of life. You need to learn how to stay away from those triggers of depression.

Symptoms of depression

  • Irritated mood most times of the day.
  • Sleep problems (i.e taking too much sleep or too little sleep).
  • Low motivation throughout the day.
  • Switching between the tasks.
  • Not being able to focus.
  • Change in appetite.(i.e eating too much or skipping meals).
  • Anxiety and panic attacks (anytime of the day).
  • Suicidal thoughts, behavior and plans. (including self harm I.e intentionally cutting ,burning or harming yourself).
Depression:How to overcome depression?

Depression:Tricks to overcome depression

To overcome depression, one needs to be constantly focused. For the betterment and keep the records of the previous days. Keeping the records to overcome depression but it do takes time and efforts to move out of it.

These 6 steps will definitely help you. Go ahead.

Step 1 / Getting out of the denial

Every depression should be an opportunity. To reflect on your personal story. Taking care of yourself. And, to serve your personal development. For that, one condition: get out of denial.

Accept the idea that you are in trouble. Do notwish to live as if nothing had happened.

Paradoxically they know that something is not working in their lives. For instance people put everything in place. Subsequently avoid solving their problem. Often, they try to forget it in compulsive practices.

However, according to the theory of “positive depression“. To do everything and to remain deaf to his suffering. It’s like to miss the message that our body and our head try to send us. “Depression says “Stop! Stop lying to yourself. You’re not there,”.

It is a mechanism that allows you to avoid tension. Stand by to finally take the time to reassess life. Not looking on your pain means not opening a letter you have received. Help yourself to overcome depression.

Step 2 / Hear the child crying inside you

As fever reveal a microbial focus in a physical problem. Likewise Depressive disorder speaks of suffering linked to an old guilt. “When triggers intensify depressed mood. It persists and freezes any desire. Subsequently it can be said that the cause of the problem is early childhood depression,”.

In summary, unhappiness often reflects distress. Mainly that of a person’s own inner child.

“As I retraced the stories of my depressed friends. I notice that the vast majority of them evoked one time or another. Including a psychological unavailability of their mother during pregnancy or during their early childhood. Such as due to marital, family, personal or professional concer lthough she did her best to anage everything, sometimes even by smothering too much. As that feeling of abandonment felt by the baby created an injury which, in adulthood. In the meantime whether its illustrated by a strong feeling of guilt, a lack of self-confidence, a fear of loneliness, criticism, indifferen¹ce…”.

Whenever you are directly concerned by the disease or if it affects someone close to you, know how to observe. Do you notice an urge for love and attention. An irrepressible need to be warmed up,reassured? If the answer is yes,it’s because the inner child calls for help. And that he must therefore be treated. Lastly want you to fight to overcome depression.

Step 3 / Start psychotherapy

“By releasing speech and therapy. Whether or not associated with medication. This allows the person to recognize that it is time to let go. And give meaning to what he is going through. It acts as an engine for some change of mind,” .

In the same way. To understand why one starts with depression always has a past.

However, what’s more difficult is to do it alone. Furthermore meeting a therapist is essential to dive into your pain safely.

Step 4 / Change your behavior

Its a sign that something is not right. Jt is obvious: some harmful habits must be abandoned and others adopted. Its too simple to believe that you just have to leave someone or change jobs to solve your problems. Indeed take a step back from our past in order to change certain ways of thinking. Thus, it is often a question of patient learning to say “no”. Not for the pleasure of opposing. But to be loved for oneself.

But be cautious. You must develop the habit to say “no” to yourself. No to its failings. To its defense mechanisms. “It’s about becoming good parents for yourself,. Becoming your own mother. In times when you have difficulty taking care of your body, your food, for example.

Or take on the role of a father who is attentive to himself when it comes to protecting his son . Changing the way we look at ourselves. Thus transform our inner emptiness into energy. And slowly we overcome depression.

Step 5 / Bounce, finally!

Depression:How to overcome depression?

It is the effect of the therapy work. Which gradually leads the patient to escape from the depressive phenomenon. And (re)knot with happiness?

I remember a 35-year-old woman. She came to see my friend in depression after a break-up. She started relating her childhood and her injury. Right from being raised in part by her grandmother. During her days she had lived as abandonment. However, she realized, thanks to the analysis. She had always had an childish behavior with her companion.

She sought fusion, was jealous. Everything indicated that she wasn’t in an adult position in this story. But, on contrary. She was asking the man she loved. Asking him to play the role of a maternal substitute. This awareness slowly led her to accept her story. And not to play it over again.

And therefore to regain his subjectivity. No more pretending to like tennis as her friends. She started painting once again. She started doing things alone without anxiety.

Step 6 / Live more freely and mature

Even under observation, depression can be profitable thanks to the new living environment.

I saw a 49-year-old woman. She was suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder (washing, cleaning…) and depression. Later it became apparent that she felt caught between a gruff husband and wealthy parents. They were busy fixing her husband’s mismanagement.

She was a woman who said yes to almost everything. She felt obliged to take responsibility for everything. The therapy consisted in working on her self-confidence. Slowly she learned to put her spouse in front of her financial responsibilities. To let her parents know that their money did not let them control her life. Through a cascading effect. She was able to regain her existence. Have personal plans and see her tocs disappear.

If depression is not an opportunity in itself. Later It can therefore be an opportunity to heal ourselves. Maybe from our past and even to leave…more freely and mature.

Thank you!

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