How to brighten your mood.

Your mood completely depends on the environment you live in. When you live in a happy and enthusiastic environment your mood automatically turns to be good. You automatically start feeling better and relaxed, you feel easy. You feel good and it helps you brighten your mood. On contrary, when you live in an environment which is toxic and not that good, things automatically turns you down. You will feel low and will be tensed all the time. You won’t be able to focus on your work and there are less productive thoughts in your brain.

Brighten your mood.

So you need to follow these few tips to brighten your mood.

  • Let the sunshine make your day. – As a new day starts there’s a new sunshine. Sunshine as powerful. Sunshine is beautiful. Morning sunshine is very important for our body, for health for our mood that helps us brighten up our day. As soon as you leave your bed and your morning starts, remove the curtains and let the sunshine enter your room. Let it disinfect everything which is negative. Yes.
  • Listen to your favorite motivational speaker. – Everyone has one of his or her favourite motivational speaker. So when it comes to brighten up your mood the only person whom you can rely on at the moment is your favourite motivational speaker. It can be your friend. It can be your mother your father or your siblings or even your best friend who can help you out to come from that situation and brighten up your mood.
  • Go on a walk. – Go on a walk. Walking is a type of physical exercise and it helps you burn some calories too. Walking not only helps you to burn calories but it also helps you to brighten up your mood and makes you feel lightened.
  • Get yourself your favorite drink. – There is no one on the earth who doesn’t have a favourite drink to have. My personal favourite is coffee. So, I highly suggest you, when you are aiming to brighten up your mood you must focus on having your favourite drink in the day so that it just makes you feel good. It makes you feel relaxed and you automatically have a better day after you have it.
  • Visualize your start. – It is a very small thing to do but is very delicate thing too. We humans forget to visualise our start. We actually forget to look at the little efforts we make in a day. The efforts which we actually make for our better future. So, if we start focusing and looking after those little effort we actually start looking at our own self. The thing which we do is start focusing more on our own self. Start visualising are start and that what helps us make our mood better.
  • Have small goals. – Goals must be small, dreams must be big. You need to plan out your days your week and your months so that it dosen’t feel like a burden at the end. Burden can be stressful and often turns down the mood and never uplifts it. Having small yet power goals is much more important than having big goals and false Hope’s for the day.
  • Give your body some rest. – You are not a machine. You are human. And humans have a limited capacity to work in a day. Humans at least need seven to eight hours of sleep to work more efficiently and effectively the next day. So, give your body the amount of rest it needs and take your life easy.
  • Reverse your thoughts. – By reversing your thoughts, I mean reverse the flow of the negative emotions going inside you. If you are in a group of five and everyone is pointing you, everyone is blaming you and you are feeling disgusted and lonely then just believe in yourself and tell yourself that you are above them. You are not as worthless as them. You have got a life to work on.
  • Remove the blocks. – By removing the blocks, I mean removing all the negative emotions, the negative feelings and thoughts that is making you feel low and is stopping your mood to brighten up. You are your star and you need to shine for yourself. You deserve that love and you must not snatch it from yourself.
  • Go shopping. – Shopping makes one feel good as it releases a hormone which helps a person feel good i.e serotonin. Okay! People say that money can’t buy happiness. Yes, I agree but money can buy you stuff that can help you feel good and brighten your mood automatically. When it a bad mood and one needs shopping. Money is important go to factor.
  • Get yourself your pamper gift. – Getting yourself a pamper gift may sound very cheesy but that’s the best gift you can give to yourself. Your body, your mind, your soul and when I say this trust me it brightens up your mood. It just makes you feel much better. It makes you feel more you and you feel good for no reason. You feel good for appreciating your efforts and value in your important your worth in life.

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