What are the benefits and importance of running?

Running every day has proven to be a great health effects for health, skin, and beauty. There are endless benefits and importance of running.

Running is a great choice for anyone who wants to be in good shape, look better and have many other health benefits for body. It is the perfect and cost free way to look and feel good and confident.

You do not need any special equipment or a special place for training, like gym or similar.

A pair of good running shoes with enough willpower, and a little perseverance is enough.

One of the best ways to keep your body in shape is to run and loose sweat.

It is great for melting fat, as well as defining your muscles, especially the muscles of the legs and abdomen.

In addition, running is great to maintain good health and functioning of the body.

Running is useful and most effective for treating many diseases.

The indirect effect on the central nervous system and the cardiovascular system has complete positive health effects on the whole organism.

In today’s article, we will find out what is so good and what are the reasons to start running, dieting and many other important things for everyone who wants to start running to reduce weight.

Why should we start running and what are the benefits of running?

Better, stronger and a healthier heart.

Benefits of Running improves the working of the cardiovascular system.

The heart becomes much healthier, more powerful, and the blood vessels becomws more elastic.

It creates better circulation in the body and thus better circulation in the heart and the entire cardiovascular system.

Stronger lungs and more of oxygen are one of the benefits of running.

Increases the capacity of the respiratory system mainly lungs.

It contributes to increased circulation and greater flow of oxygen and nutrients to all the organs, tissues, and cells.

Less stress and ultimately better health by running

A great tool against tension and stress is none other than running.

Stress accumulates in the body throughout the day, causing nervousness and irritability.

Running helps you to reduce stress and literally forget that you were nervous and were feeling low.

Running will make you happier.

The happy hormone “endorphin” is released in the bloodstream when you are happy. This hormone is the reason for the positive energy that is always felt after training.

Troubleshooting running helps.

If you have a problem all day, take a short break with a run or a walk in open nature. It

Then reverse and go back to the problem and you will be surprised when the solution is in front of you.

While you are physically active, your blood flow to the brain increases, thus refreshing it.

During this time, your subconsciousness is working on the problem and looking at it from a different perspective, then it comes. The moment of finding a perfect answer.

Increased immunity and better blood count

Running always boosts immunity and improves blood counts. This is considered to be benefits of running.

Running increases the amount and number of red blood cells (erythrocytes) and increases the concentration and presence of hemoglobin in the blood.

Accelerated metabolism by running

Running lowers blood cholesterol and improves the work of intestines and the digestive system in general.

It all speeds up the metabolism, which in turn contributes in the normalization of body weight.

Liver regeneration with active running

Many scientific studies showed that running causes liver regeneration.

Kidney function also improves.

Reduced risk of osteoporosis

Running has a positive effect on the overall musculoskeletal system too.

It helps to increase the bone density and reduces the risk of developing osteoporosis in old age.

Running also reduces the risk of developing degenerative changes in the joints of the body and muscle tissue of our body.

Running in the morning.

benefits and importance of running

In the morning, the concentration of the hormone cortisol (a stress hormone that begins to be secreted immediately after waking up) increases in the blood.

Running during this period relaxes you and restore your body to harmony.

This is a good reason where you can take a break from your morning coffee and dedicate yourself to morning running.

Running at night

Running at night has even more benefits compared to running in the morning.

If you are a someone who usually remains busy during the morning and days, running at night is one of the best way to forget all the worries from work and recharge your batteries or cells of your body.

As a bonus, you will successfully reduce your appetite and have a great and quality sleep, you will simply sleep peacefully.

Where do you go wrong when you run?

If you a beginner in running, or if you already have a few serious marathons behind you, there are reasons why you may not be able to stretch your legs at all.

Take a look at this list of mistakes that can stop you from actually having beautiful legs until the summer.

You do not change the running route or path.

If you always run on the same route, chances are that you will quickly get bored with running.

If you always choose a different running path, you will last a bit longer on your feet.

Your diet is not as your body demands.

You should not run when you are hungry, but you should also not run with a full stomach.

Eat two, three hours before you go for a run and half an hour before your workout. Eat a light meal that is rich in protein.

Warm-up exercises before running

If you do not do warm-up exercises before you start running, you can seriously injure yourself.

Warm-up your whole body, jog for a few seconds to minutes and then start your serious training.

You don’t relax before you start running

After training, it is extremely important to stretch and relax your body.

Give your muscles some chance to recover and relax, as this is a very important factor when you run.

You are running with the wrong equipment.

If you are one of those people who claim that while exercising you do not care what equipment you exercise with, you are probably wrong.

You should have soft-soled sneakers and a collection of shoes that will allow you to have freedom of movement without having you to sweat too much.

You push yourself too hard while you are running.

It’s good to set high goals, but if you push yourself every time you go for a run, it won’t be great for you.

You will seriously injure yourself or get so tired, you will get muscle inflammation and will not be able to get out of bed for the next few days.

You are not constant in your training

Slowly, you run faster and faster every time. And that’s exactly the point.

But if you run now, then aftee two weeks, then after a month, you will never be able to achieve the desired.

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