A morning person

Why to be a morning person?

Firstly, Being a morning person might seem as the most difficult task to accomplish for those who are not into getting up early or are late night owls. It’s okay if you find yourself more productive in the night but research says that a morning person is much more active and productive. Therefore it’s believed and said that great mornings can make your days go extremely productive.

Can a night owl be a morning person?

Yes, definitely. A night owl can undoubtedly be a morning person. So, If you really want to change something in you, it’s no more impossible. In addition all you need to do is get into those nitty gritty details of your life. Meanwhile you need to figure out what keeps you awake all night and the only effort you have to put into being a morning person is to stay away from that particular situation. Thus slowly and gradually you will transform into a beautiful sunshine embracing the beauty of nature and transforming into a morning person.

A morning person


There are endless lists of facts of being a morning person.

  • You will probably feel more confident because of those extra hours.
  • Have a more successful career.
  • You will eventually stop procrastinating.
  • It will benefit you as you age.
  • You will later be more positive and productive.
  • Meanwhile you will be cooperative and dedicated.
  • It will prevent you from depression.
  • You’ll have time to pursue your passion.
  • Afterwards A morning person has less stress and anxiety issues.
  • In the meantime few unhealthy choices.

Tricks for being a morning person

To demonstrate to be a morning person, just add some good habits to your current lifestyle – it will dramatically improve your life and you can see yourself slowly turning into a morning person. To start with the tricks, you can follow the points mentioned below.

Let’s take a look at them:

1. Resist the snooze

A morning person

Time required: A few seconds (and a lot of willpower)

First of all it could be tempting to hit the snooze button and get those ten minutes of extra sleep. Mind you, it’s going to do more harm than good.The human body needs 7-8 hours of sleep to be at its optimum best. So, make the tough call to wake up as soon as your alarm starts ringing. This is the first step to be a morning person.

Benefits of waking up early:

Belief of accomplishment

Time for different activities

Easy start of the body

2. Drink a glass of water

A morning person

Time required: One minute or less

Meanwhile It’s a good practice to drink water as the first thing in the morning and As you’ve had a sound sleep for about 6-8 hours, your body gets dehydrated. lemon, cucumber, ice cubes or just drink it straight up as It starts your metabolism on the right note and keeps your digestive processes running smoothly and A morning person never forgets to include this habit into their life.

Benefits of drinking water:

Regulate water levels

Great metabolism

Body gets hydrated

3. Be grateful

A morning person

Time required: Five minutes

It’s always a great idea to start your day on a positive note and what better way than practicing gratitude. Life turns into a blessing when you start treating it like one. Being grateful increases your long-term well-being by more than 10 percent which is the same as doubling your income. Since, A morning person should definitely practice gratitude.

Benefits of practicing gratitude:

Makes you happier and optimistic

Boost your emotions

Makes you likable

4. Complete a 7-minute workout

A morning person

Time required: 7-10 minutes (including warm-up)

It could be hard to find time to exercise when you are spending more than 10 hours at work. However, if you could just spare 7 minutes to break a sweat in morning, you’re going to have a super-productive day at work and You can easily find several seven-minute workout apps for your Android phones and iPhones. This makes you feel fresh and active and eventually helps you become a morning person.

Benefits of exercising:

Strengthens muscles and bones

Increases energy levels

Reduces risk of chronic diseases

5. Choose your 3 MITs for the day

A morning person

Time required: 5-7 minutes

As a part of morning routine, learn to make to-do-lists and plan your days. The best way to go about it is to choose your three most important tasks (MIT) for the day. It will help you focus on things that are more important so that you can plan your day keeping your priorities straight. For example You can use tools to plan, prioritize, and manage daily tasks.

Benefits of making to-do lists:

Creates order

Coordinate similar tasks

Makes you more accountable

6. Read a book

A morning person

Time required: 15-30 minutes

If you think that those days are gone where you had time to leisurely read your favorite book or novel, you are wrong. Accordingly carving out 15-30 minutes every morning, you can read whatever you want and expand your knowledge. For example, Warren Buffett and Steve Jobs are one of those people who read multiple newspapers and books to stay updated and relevant and enjoy being a morning person.

Benefits of reading in morning:

Grasp information faster

Improves concentration

Zero distractions and disturbances

7. Keep your phone away

A morning person

Time required: A few seconds (with constant reminders)

People start searching for phones even before they open their eyes. Meanwhile Checking social media accounts and replying to emails isn’t a great thing to do as the first thing in the morning.Whenever possible ep a fixed time for phone usage and use morning time for something constructive. A morning person avoids his phone in the mornings unless it’s very important.

Benefits of less phone usage:

● More time for other things

● Keeps your brain relaxed

8. Eat a real breakfast

A morning person

Time required: 5-10 minutes

In the meanwhile ncluding healthy and nutritious food is essential for your well-being. As a result ake it a priority to have a power breakfast every morning as t will provide required nutrients to the body to enable it to be productive and efficient all day long and Include everything to have a wholesome meal and Incorporate fruits, veggies, salads, lentils to not miss out on essential minerals and vitamins.

Benefits of power breakfast

Grows healthy eating habits

Keeps weight and body mass index in check

Better skin

9. Watch an Inspiring video

A morning person

Time required: 5-10 minutes

During the start of your day watch kickass motivational videos or listening to some foot-tapping numbers as it fills you with much-needed energy and empowers you to tap into your potential.

Benefits of watching motivational content:

Uplifts mood

Helps you smile.

Inspires to take action


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